Sunday, 30 August 2015

2X MNET Metadata Administrator Interns 2015

MNET has 2 positions for Metadata Administrator Interns in Randburg.

The Metadata Administrator Intern will be responsible for effective administration of M-Net Metadata standards and the cleaning up of legacy content across all business systems to ensure integration and uniformity all along the value chain.

The Metadata Administrator Intern will work with and regularly meet Media Coordinators, Archivists and Video Librarians, including all relevant internal stakeholders to ensure successful employment of metadata frameworks and policies and will be required to continuously improve services and ensure client satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

The outputs are critical to the successful operation of the Internship position as Metadata Administrator. The outputs include the following:

  • Responsibility for M-Net metadata administration and the implementation of improved results, including continual and proactive support to clients with regard to on-air and archiving services, focusing on metadata standards and SOP’s.

  • Working closely with all internal stakeholders to implement a metadata structure and related policies across the business.

  • Ensuring continuous data cleansing activities to rid the relevant business systems of inaccuracies while assist with solution to ensure data integrity with the aim to achieve 100% accuracy

  • Perform QA/QC functions on the relevant applications to ensure accurate content management.

  • Ensuring the efficient and effective execution of client requests and timely responses to enquiries and requests, ensuring no unattended customer queries/complaints.

  • Quickly identify any infrastructure-related issues and escalate to proper support teams and domain experts when necessary


  • Relevant graduate and/or post-graduate degree in Information & Knowledge Management.

Functional capabilities which are critical to the production of quality outputs are:

  • An excellent understanding of metadata standards and the consequences of inaccurate information.

  • A keen eye for detail and spotting anomalies in metadata.

  • An excellent understanding of customer service/service excellence.

  • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.

How to apply

Closing date is 04 September 2015.

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