Thursday, 13 August 2015

Air Conditioner Technician Intern At Discovery 2015

In addition to performing installations, air conditioning technicians diagnose and fix problems that they find in air conditioning systems. In order to diagnose problems, technicians may test system performance using special equipment, such as hand tools, computers and diagnostic hardware.

The successful candidate will be required to perform, but not be limited to the following outputs:

Key Outputs

• Ensure temperatures in the building are correct and within spec
• Assist in the installation of air conditioning systems
• Assist in testing systems for proper commissioning
• Assist in performing emergency repairs
• Record data when inspecting systems, such as temperature of equipment.
• Record all work done on time sheets
• Basic repairs of Air conditioning units such as: Changing fan belts; Diffuser cleaning; Washing of filters; changing of filters
• Inspect air handling units
• Daily inspection on operation of Chill Plant and related components
• Basic fault finding with temperature related queries
Competencies The successful candidate will be required to display the following competencies in this role:
• Enjoy a variety of administrative responsibilities i.e. Keeping log of material usage, managing Job cards Multi-task and work on several projects at once
• Ensure that delegated tasks are preformed within proper time frames
• Prioritise workload and address any immediate issues as and when they arise
• Effective communication at all levels within the organisation
• Client centric servicing and positive problem solving approach
• Excellent time management
• Attention to detail
• Deadline conscious and able to work under immense pressure
• Work independently, but open to team work when necessary
• Takes responsibility for actions and projects
• Upholds ethics, values and demonstrates integrity
• Adapts to changing circumstances, new ideas and change initiatives

Qualifications & Experience T1
Basic electric
Safe Gas Handling card

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