Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Audition / Casting Call 2015

Applications must be submitted no later than 21st Aug 2015.

We are busy casting for a UCT Student Graduation film to be shot at the end of August. The film will be 10 minutes long and act as great material for a show reel.

Casting Call for Spurned, a UCT student graduation film to be shot between 27th - 30th August. Looking for any talented young actors/student actors who need exposure.

Synopsis: Spurned is a dark comedy playing on the Buddy and College Film genres, but with a darker comedic side. It centres around two male friends at a pub trying to woo a woman, but things are not what they seem.

Characters Needed:

Main Characters

Slightly geeky/nerdy look
A very intelligent young med student who struggles socially. Slightly awkward around people.

Very attractive, Tall, very confident
A very confident, charming and attractive man. Full of self-belief and regarded as a womanizer.

Shooting will take place in the Southern suburbs.

Please email: spurnedmovie@gmail.com

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