Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blog Intern At the Legacy Project 2015

Learn everything you need to know, to build your own online blog empire. A six-month, full-time internship is on offer with training valued at R100,000 provided over this time period.

You will be required to actively work from day one and will be learning through practical implementation.

The role will teach you everything you need to know about the following:
- Blogging
- Online writing
- Social media
- Analytics
- Developing an online course
- Writing and launching a book

You will be working in a dyanamic and highly stimulating environment, however, you will not be micro-managed and will need to be very self-driven.
You will be fully trained in all these areas and expected to implement the teachings to achieve some very ambitious targets and goals.
You will be mentored and coached and it will be expected of you to give 120% at all times.

It is essential that you are the following kind of person:
1. A go-getter, proactive attitude with a high level of initiative.
2. Have high ambition levels with eager enthusiasm to perform at the highest levels of excellence.
3. Have a deep hunger to grow and to develop yourself both professional and personally.
4. Are Willing to work hard, go the extra mile and put in more than is required.


Must be a good communicator – both written and verbal.
Must have a basic understanding of the online world.
Must enjoy writing and researching.
Must be able to work 9am to 5pm, 5 days a week, for the next 6-months.
Must have your own laptop.

Location: Cape Town

Once you complete this internship, we guarantee that you will be in the top 1% best performers in digital activity within South Africa and will be able to be incredibly proud of what you have achieved with us!

To apply, send an email to, with your CV and a explanation for why we should choose you for this role.

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