Friday, 21 August 2015

Digital Marketing Internship At ClickMaven 2015

ClickMaven offers candidates who are passionate about digital and have an unshakeable thirst for excellence, the chance to kick-start their career in performance marketing with the best in the business.

Whether you’re fresh out of university or are levelling your career playing field and starting over (how exciting!), you might just be the person we’re looking for.

Your Role

At ClickMaven, you’ll be introduced to all things digital performance marketing: PPC, Google AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising, Google Analytics, Hubspot, CRO, and inbound marketing. You’ll also put your business acumen to the test, learning to communicate effectively and work well as part of a team. And you’ll love it! You’ll be expected to organise cool office events, and come up with original ideas for office shenanigans on the spot.

Our Values

We live our values, so you’ll fit in if the following resonates with you:

We care

Caring for our clients, our team and our work.


Exceeding goals by implementing world-class products.

Passion for digital

Mastering cutting-edge technology.

The offering and responsibility

We’re offering a position to start something; to change careers; to start over. It’s not just an internship, but a super-internship! You will work extremely hard, but you will also have the time of your life and learn much more than you ever imagined!

Here’s the short version of what we’ll expect you to do after 6 months:

  • Set up a basic Google AdWords account using the Google Search and Display Networks

  • Understand Google Analytics

  • Set up PPC ad campaigns

  • Learn fundamental business skills

  • Pass the Red & Yellow Digital Marketing Exam

After your super-internship, you’ll be super useful. Should you be amazing and a perfect fit, you can join us permanently and go from intern to legend.

Remember, there’s no way you’ll make it without a passion for digital – you can’t fake it.

Having these prerequisites will help:

  • A marketing degree or diploma (or a great story)

  • Being excellence-orientated with good attention to detail

  • Living your passion for technology and digital marketing

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