Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Intern - Production/Office Assistant 2015

Please note: Internships only available to SA Citizens who are younger than 30years old and have not been enrolled in an internship programme before.

Purpose of role:

The main purpose of this role is to provide the necessary support to the producer, production manager and managing director.

Support function: The PA will also fill a support role within the company – he/she will be based at the production office and will be a go-to person within the office and therefore should be experienced and willing to multi-task on a daily basis, while taking instructions from multiple people.

Office basics: The PA will be responsible for a number of basic office duties on a daily basis and will assist with overall administration and planning.


  1. Provide daily support to the CEO, COO, GM and production manager.

  2. Be a go-to person for all staff in the office - always being helpful and willing to assist where needed.

  3. Work on multiple tasks each day and work efficiently to ensure all is done according to deadlines.

  4. Prioritise and manage workload effectively.

  5. Arrange travel for other team members and communicate travel details effectively to them. All team travel must be oganised in coordination with the PM and GM and must be clearly communicated to those traveling via calendar entries, email and/or a printed document.

  6. Plan, organize and manage events in conjunction with the production manager when necessary.

  7. Assist in coordinating the activities of the office assistant, office housekeeper and personal housekeeper; and assist with their time management and training in conjunction with the HR and admin manager.

  8. Exercise advanced research skills - conducting research into areas relating to assigned projects – from suppliers and processes to systems that will enhance productivity.

  9. Assist in managing the Adrian Steirn brand by answering queries and assisting with sales and social media.

  10. Oversee the management of business vehicles with regards to repairs and maintenance.

Office basics:

  1. Answer the telephone and door daily.

  2. Attend to emails timeously.

  3. Assist with care of office guests and offer them tea/coffee/water on arrival.

  4. Ensure that the office is presentable at all times.

  5. Complete necessary minutes from meetings.

  6. Conduct admin, filing and record keeping in an organized and diligent manner.

  7. Manage the petty cash float and complete the petty cash recon each week.

  8. Handle queries and deliveries (couriered and received).

  9. Ensure all suppliers and outside parties sign NDAs and Release forms where relevant.

  10. Stay within budget when spending petty cash or making business purchases and complete budget reconciliations when required.

  11. Monitor, source and order office supplies and stationary - keeping costs to a minimum.

  12. Ensure that the printer and telephones are in working order and notify outside parties if these need repair.

  13. Ready and willing to perform tasks outside his/her job description if they are asked of him/ her.

Company Description

Ginkgo prides itself in the standard of all work produced. It is imperative that when completing any task or assignment, big or small, that as an intern you ensure your work is done to the highest standard, conducting any research that may be necessary, asking relevant questions and checking work thoroughly with an attention to detail.


  1. Basic understanding of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

  2. Three to five years experience in a corporate environment.

  3. Experience working on a Mac will be helpful but can be learnt, as the Production Office is a Mac based office.

  4. Ability to demonstrate an understanding of a commercial business and ideally have worked within a media business.

  5. Ability to provide analysis and recommendations on systems and processes.

Personal Skills/Attributes

  1. Display unwavering integrity and highest ethical standards.

  2. Fit within a fast moving, demanding, and constantly evolving business, which has very clear cultural values.

  3. Have an energetic, positive/can do personality, with the drive and ambition to succeed.

  4. Be passionate, hard working and have a real eye for detail.

  5. Enjoy working in a hands-on environment with a small, tight-knit team.

  6. Be able to effectively multi-task and manage his/ her own time in order to carry out tasks according to their deadlines.

  7. Support the leadership team of Ginkgo Agency and drive improved performance.

  8. Think on his/her feet and make common sense decisions everyday

  9. Be able to work with a large Global Group.

Contact details
Layla Walters
Ginkgo Agency

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