Tuesday, 8 September 2015

3 X Stop Stock Outs Telephonic Survey 2015

The Stop Stock Outs Project (SSP) is a collaboration of several organisations dedicated to improving health in South Africa. Our goal is to ensure reliable availability and access to medicines and medical supplies in South Africa.
The SSP arises out of the founding organisations’ increasing concerns regarding stock outs in South Africa. We aim to collect reliable data on stock outs to be plugged into the SSP’s interventions; develop a better understanding of the causes of stock outs; raise awareness and foster understanding of stock outs and their causes; advocate for targeted, strategic solutions to specific stock outs and work with government, civil society and other stakeholders to improve supply chain management and halt the ongoing scourge of stock outs.

The SSP is a collaboration of The Treatment Action Campaign, The Rural Health Advocacy Project, SECTION27, Médecines Sans Frontières, Rural Doctors’ Association of Southern Africa and the Southern African HIV Clinicians’ Society.

To systematically assess and quantify the extent of medicine stock outs in public health facilities defined as clinics and hospitals across South Africa, the consortium also undertakes annual national stock out surveys.

Building on previous surveys and other documentation of repeated stock outs of essential medicine stock outs across South Africa, a telephonic survey contacting primary health clinics and hospitals will be conducted. The main objectives of this assessment are to generate comprehensive information on the availability of antiretroviral, TB, as well as a range of other medicines.

Under the responsibility of the Research Co-ordinator, the interviewer will be required to phone up to 4000 health care facilities across South Africa and interview pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and nurses (sisters) on the availability of medicines in their clinic. Each interviewer will be given training and provided an interview script. Responses from the interviewees will be entered into excel.

Main Activities
• Phone and interview up to 4000 health care facilities/health care workers in South Africa
• Use a standard script while on the phone
• Enter responses onto a computer (excel)

Candidate requirements

Education, experience, knowledge and skills
• At a minimum speaks Sesotho, IsiZulu and English fluently. Ideally also speaks at least 3 other additional South African languages
• Good phone mannerism, experience conducting phone interviews, working at a call centre etc.
• Able to enter data into Excel

TO APPLY EMAIL: employment@stockouts.org

Place of mission: Johannesburg (Norwood)
Project: Stop Stock Outs Project
Duration: Monday to Friday (7:15am-15:45pm – 30 minute lunch break)
Start date (contract length): 5 October 2015 to 20 November 2015
Reports directly to the: Research Co-ordinator
Remuneration: 400 ZAR/day
DEADLINE 16 September 2015

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