Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Data Analyst Intern At TheRoomLink 2015

TheRoomLink  is looking for a new Data Analyst Intern. You will be working with a lot of data, SMS, digital marketing, user lists, databases etc, so attention to detail is VERY important.

Knowledge and qualification:

* Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Google Sheets.

* Should know how to read html document.

* Good understanding of xPath.

* Must possess knowledge of MySQL

* Candidate must know how to create or edit VBA script with Excel.

* Should understand how to make use of a macro enabled workbook.

* Must know how to do Excel formulas (SUMIFS, IF formulae, VLOOKUP) to do calculations and get data.

* Must have matric & completed BSc degree in IT (preferred).

* Basic understand how CRM and CMS works (training can be provided for this).

Roles and responsibility:

* Use tool (please check it out before applying) to extract data and edit API where necessary.

* Send and Schedule mails to users and follow-up from .

* Do mail merge to correct users

* Ensure MySQL database & every Excel file is up to update to date locally and in cloud (Google drive & DropBox).

* Do daily backups on external drives

* Do research in ways to develop current process for Excel.

* Provide technical support to office.

Person profile

* We are looking for a stable, steady person with good attention to detail

* Hard worker, responsible, dependable, attention to detail

Salary, hours, location

* R4000 per month

* Full time: 40 hours per week (standard office hours)

* Location: Hatfield Pretoria



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