Sunday, 6 September 2015

How To Spot A Fake Job Offer

Unemployment is stressful.  Internship hunting is not much fun. Anyone struggling through this phase of life is eager for it to end as quickly as possible...eager to find a good job that fits skills and personality.   Don't let impatience or desperation turn you into a victim.

Fake job posts are everywhere and they always will be.

Scam artists will use this eagerness against you. Scammers will place fake job opportunity ads and wait for potential victims to contact them, while other scammers will make first contact themselves, sending emails either to random people, or specifically to those who'd posted resumes on various online “find-a-job” sites.

There are many ways to discover a scam internship/learnership opportunity. Below are some tips on how to spot a fake job offer:

1.Listen to your your gut and your common sense when reviewing a job posting. Fake job opportunities can look very authentic...with company logos and a spoofed return email address.

2.Google is your best friend. Always do your research, even if the job sounds legit.  Conduct your job search with some caution and you’ll easily avoid the scams and frauds nestled among the legitimate job opportunities.

3.Real companies use their own domain names: A legit company would always have its own domain email and would rarely ever send an official email from a gmail/yahoo ID.

4.Job opportunities stating “no skills or experience required,” especially when paired with a large salary, are likely scams. The same can be said of jobs that promise perfect hours, salary and benefits.

5.Fraudsters are not the most articulate people around. The email would usually be a mess of grammatical, formatting and spelling errors.

6.If it involves your money, it’s fake.  Always remember this: in a real job, money only ever flows in one direction — from boss to worker.

7.Hired without an interview.  In the event that you are offered a job without an interview, it is means that job is fake. Don't accept.

8.If it’s too colourful or loud, it’s fake: A legit company would never send an overtly colourful offer letter with comic sans as a font. If it reads like this!!!!, it’s a fake.

The best way to deal with fake job offers is just to ignore and hit “spam”. By replying to the email, you’d be doing more harm than good as your email will just make it to the contacts lists of the scamsters for posterity. Remember, getting a job is a combined result of your skills, qualifications, performance in the selection process and perseverance.

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