Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Imagenheart Internship Programme 2015

Imagenheart offers an exciting Internship Programme providing students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to gain hands –on experience working in the entertainment industry.

At Imagenheart every intern has the opportunity to network with industry professionals, attend a multitude of events aimed at furthering their entertainment knowledge, and play an integral role in their department’s success.

Your 12 month journey will include: When you join Imagenheart films, you become part of a studio driven by creativity, technical know-how, and a sense of humor to boot.

You’ll be working side by side with some of the most brilliant minds in their fields, interspersing your own ideas with theirs to collectively make the best films possible. Your journey begins with understanding the value of story, structure, characters.

This is further explored to visual medium of editing, visual research storyboard and you form part of process from script to screen and your skills assessed and placed on projects based on requirement needs met.

If you are serious about this opportunity:

Create a 2 page diary entry, from a first person point of view- set within or just before the world of spelonk

go to the Facebook page or website to find out more. It is open to your interpretation how you want to do this.

Send it with your CV and motivational letter to

Location: Durbanville, Northern Suburbs


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