Friday, 4 September 2015

No Experience - Junior Debtors Clerk At Hychem 2015

Employment Opportunity - Junior Debtors Clerk

Junior Debtors Clerk required. No experience need however must have a Qualification. The job of a debtor’s clerk is to keep records of the accounts of any business’s customers and to recover the business’s debts. These accounts will be kept on computers or books. He or she will do routine work in the business’s account department. They will keep a record of any payments that are made and any money that is owed to the business.

They will use these records to verify any overdue accounts and they will then contact the business or persons by phone or in writing so as to recover their outstanding balance. The clerk will determine a payment deadline and will follow up on this payment. If payment is not met by the due date, the clerk will decide which steps must be taken (such as suing the business or person).

A debtor’s clerk will also carry out any routine bookkeeping duty so as to submit records of any overdue account at each month end to the board of directors or financial department within the company. Their duties will also entail calculating the interest on all overdue accounts.

The satisfying aspects of a debtor’s clerk is having the ability to recover outstanding money from non-paying defaulters or clients who otherwise would have been written off as a bad debt, therefore saving his company a lot of legal fees.

Interested candidates should send email with supporting documents and cover letter to: Laverne McLean at


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