Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Teachers Graduate Recruitment 2015

Are you passionate about making a difference and using your degree to give back to the community?

Non-profit educational organisation Teach South Africa, which works to get graduate skills into schools to improve the quality of education in South Africa, has launched a new recruitment campaign aimed at recent university graduates with degrees in science, engineering, maths and English.

The TEACH Ambassador Programme is a two year commitment. Once your placement has been made, you will teach full time for two years at your assigned school. You will receive on-going support and further training throughout your two years with TEACH South Africa.

Teach SA was founded by the business community as a way to improve the quality of education and, as a result, the country’s economic performance.

Requirements To Become a TEACH Ambassador

South African Citizens:

  • Applicants must hold a university degree and must have done Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English or Technology for a minimum of one year during the course of their degree.

  • Applicants must have graduated in the last five years or will complete their degree by no later than December this year.

Non – South African citizens:

  • Must meet the above criteria as well as hold or be able to obtain a valid work permit by December this year.

Please note that TEACH South Africa is NOT accepting applications from Education majors.

Selection Criteria

  • A record of past achievement: achieving ambitiously, measurable results in academics, leadership, or work experience

  • Perseverance in the face of challenges and the ability to be resourceful

  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • The ability to influence and motivate others

  • Organizational ability: planning well, meeting deadlines and working efficiently

  • An understanding of our vision and the desire to work relentlessly in pursuit of it

  • Respect for students and families in low-income communities

  • Evidence that applicants operate with professionalism and integrity

  • Successfully pass the cognitive assessment that measures basic reading, writing and comprehension skills

  • Pass the assessment to measure competencies for content area assigned to teach

Closing Date: 20 September 2015.


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