Monday, 14 September 2015

TruLife Creative Arts Internship 2015

TruLife is a non-profit organisation with a vision to train, raise & unleash this generation to live lives full of potential and purpose.  Train young people on vital subjects: self- identity, peer pressure, sex, human rights. Raise them up to reach their full potential in these areas and Release them to do GREAT things in this city!

The Trulife Internship (T.I) will be an opportunity for young guys and girls between the ages of 17 and 23 to enter our world and train in various skills such as dance, drama, media and life skills! With a reach of upwards of 15 000 school pupils each year, the Interns get an opportunity to impact a generation with pertinent messages whilst using their God given gift.

The three key areas of the Internship are as follows: 


The Trulife Interns will attend bible college lectures at Kloof Harvest Church every week. This is a time for students to grow in their spiritual walk as well as have their character shaped as they study Gods Word.


The Internship will offer classes to enhance skills and competency in three focus areas (dance, drama and media). Students will be taught by the Trulife Staff in these various fields. They will be given tasks and assignments by the Trulife Staff to complete, which will further release them into their potential and strengthen their competency.


The Interns, once fully trained, will have the opportunity to not only attend productions out at schools but also be a part of these productions! They will be able to get on stage or on the back/media, sound & lights desk and execute their skills in a performance environment.

Interns will also get an opportunity to take our life-skills curriculum into schools for a more hands on approach to reaching this generation.

We believe this is an exceptional opportunity for young people to be used in a way that is both effective and relevant. We are passionate about this cause and believe that this will be a great year of growth, fun and fulfillment.\

Closing Date: 15 December 2015

Location: Durban


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