Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bucie‘s full time Stylist and Makeup Artist

Bucie 's Stylist Normal

Opportunity to become Bucie‘s full time Stylist and Makeup artist.

South Africa‘s princess of House ‘Bucie Nqwiliso’ is looking for a Stylist and makeup artists that will be responsible for putting together outfits and make fashion choices for her.

The person will also be responsible for helping Bucie achieve her desired look. The ideal candidate must be able to identify Bucie‘s tastes, activities, body type and desired image in order to tailor a look to her needs.

This is a great opportunity for a young person looking to establish herself/himself in the industry by working with one of the best artist in the country. It’s also a great platform that will expose the candidate‘s work as Bucie is also currently shooting for Clash of the Choirs and she’ll be appearing on TV on a regular basis.

The position is on a part time basis and candidate will assist when Bucie‘s full time stylists is not available.

The salary will be based on how good the person is and depending on that; the person might be hired on a full time basis to be Bucie‘s personal stylist when she goes to shows , interviews and photo shoots.


To apply  send your portfolios and C.Vs to [] or [] before Monday, 26th October 2015.

For more info please like Bucie Nqwiliso on facebook, and follow her on twitter @BucieNqwiliso and @TeamBucieSA.

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