Monday, 26 October 2015

Research Psychologist Internship At Momentum 2015

Do you have Pavlov’s picture above your bed? Are you saving up to bid on Milgram’s shock machine? That might identify you as a person of interest to us. Now, if you also have a Master’s degree in Research Psychology, and you think it’s time to apply what you have learnt, we might have a proposition for you…

You’re obviously already interested in why human beings do the things they do, so end us your CV. The Upper Segment, a young and vibrant division in Momentum Retail, is looking for a research psychologist intern.

We want to know what our clients want, and what we can do to fulfil their needs. You need to put yourself in their shoes - do the research, report on it and implement the findings.

Position Purpose
To enhance the financial wellness of individuals and families, and kick start your career at the same time.
Experience & Qualifications
Master’s degree in Research Psychology
Registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
Microsoft Proficient
South African Citizen
Completed a research thesis ( preferred)
The Incumbent will be responsible for:
Research administration
Research proposals
Client journey mapping
Client experience feedback
Client segment research
General implementation of research studies
Do project management, quality assurance, logistics and client liaison
Live the Momentum values, and practice TCF (Treating Customers Fairly).

Competencies Required
Working with people
Relating and networking
Learning and Researching
Creating and Innovative

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