Friday, 2 October 2015

Santam Niche Business - Student Vacation Work 2015

Santam is widely regarded as the leading and most trusted brand in the South African short-term insurance industry. As part of the largest general insurance group in Africa, Santam currently holds a local market share of 23%.

Key to its success is Santam’s unyielding commitment to providing insurance good and proper. At Santam, we believe in a simple principle - that insurance is something that should add value and peace of mind, not questions, uncertainty, parameters or excuses.

This has been our philosophy since we first opened our doors 96 years ago on 1 May 1918.

Santam Niche Business - Student Vacation work

1. Matric
2. Busy with degree in year 2 or 3, any of the following but not limited to: Engineering, Law, Logistics, Risk management, Marketing or Finance.
3. Excellent communication skills
4. Keen interest to explore Insurance – Niche / Specialised lines of business

Other criteria:
5. Pass mark of at least 70% overall or in (number) of current subjects
6. Good Dean of faculty reference

Interested students to send their profiles to:

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