Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Contestants Needed - Friends Like These 2016

The new look season of Friends Like These is on the way and the show is in search of friends to be on it.

Season 14 premieres in 2016 with a new host (possibly two), a new set, new games and new contestants of course - which could be You.

How to be seen

You can apply via e-mail or Facebook.

1. Via e-mail (with photos)

You can apply by e-mailing the show the following:

- 5 photos... one of yourself and each of your friends,
- Your ID numbers and cellphone numbers.

If you apply this way, the show will get in touch with you to organise a screen test.

(Please note: the studios are in Gauteng so you need to be in the area to go for the screen test.)

You can mail this address:

2. Via e-mail (with a video)

You can also submit a video clip of yourself and your friends explaining why you should be on the show.

You need to WeTransfer the vid. if you send it via mail. It won't reach the show if you mail it directly because of the large file size of videos.

The video will serve as your audition/screen test so the show will be in touch with you if they're keen on seeing more otherwise you won't hear from them.

3. Via Facebook (with a video)

Alternatively you can upload your video clip to the show's Facebook page.

You need to upload it to the show's Season 13 page for now. They'll be launching a Season 14 page soon and will update on the Season 13 page once it happens.

This is a link to the page where you can upload your video now: Friends Like These.

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