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DTI Internship Opportunities 2016

The Department of Trade and Industry invites graduates to apply for internship opportunities for a period of 12 months commencing 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 in the following fields of study:

CCRD – Consumer and Corporate Regulation Division

1. Stakeholder Management (Reference Number: LC01)
Qualification: Communications/ Public Relations/ Journalism/Marketing

2. Credit Law & Policy (Reference Number: LC02)
Qualification: Economics & Law

3. Market Research and Trend Analysis (Reference Number: LC03)
Qualification: Economics/Business

4. Regulatory Impact Assessment (Reference Number: LC04)
Qualification: Economics/Development Studies

5. Operational Management (Reference Number: LC05)
Qualification: Public Administration/Management

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 695 8089

GSSSD – Group Systems and Support Services (Corporate Services)

6 .Office of the Chief Director: HR and Learning Centre (Reference Number: LC06)
Qualification: Public Management/Administration

7. HR Operations (Reference Number: LC07)
Qualification: Human Resources Management

8. Recruitment Operations (Reference Number: LC08)
Qualification: Human Resources Management

9. Employment Relations (Reference Number: LC09)
Qualification: Human Resources Management/ Labour Relations

10 .Talent and Performance Management (Reference Number: LC10)
Qualification: Human Resources Management/ Development related

11. Human Resource Development (Reference Number: LC11)
Qualification: Human Resources Development/ Human Resources Management

12. Wellness Centre (Reference Number: LC12)
Qualification: Social Science

13. Functional Training (Reference Number: LC13)
Qualification: International Relations

14. Accommodation Management Services (Reference Number: LC14)
Qualification:Safety Management

15. Legal Services (Reference Number: LC15)
Qualification: LLB

16. Office of the Chief Information Office (Reference Number: LC16)
Qualification: Information Technology

17. Office of the Chief Information Office: Project Management (Reference Number: LC17)
Qualification: Computer Science/Information Technology/Informatics
Application E-mail Address: or fax: 086 273 1697

IDAD – Incentive Development and Administration Division

18 .Employment Creation Fund Unit (Reference Number: LC18)
Qualification: Accounting/Auditing or Financial Management
19. Eastern Cape Regional Office (Reference Number: LC19)

Qualification: Commerce

20 .Western Cape Regional Office (Reference Number: LC20)
Qualification: Economics

21. Business Development Unit (Reference Number: LC21)
Qualification: Economics

22. Monitoring and Evaluation (Reference Number: LC22)
Qualification: Economics

23. Management Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (Reference Number: LC23)
Qualification: Economics/Accounting/Cost and Management Accounting/Business Studies

24. Expert Marketing Investment Assistance Scheme (Reference Number: LC24)
Qualification: Accounting/Economics

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 695 8089

IDD – Industrial Development Division25. Agro-Processing (Reference Number: LC25)
Qualification: Agriculture/Agricultural Economics, Forestry & Economics

26. Electro Technical Unit (Reference Number: LC26)
Qualification: Public Administration/Management

27. Aerospace and Defense (Reference Number: LC27)
Qualification: Economic Management Analysis/ Economics

28. Industrial Policy (Reference Number: LC28)
Qualification: Economics

29. Africa Industrial Development (Reference Number: LC29)
Qualification: Economics/International Relations

30. Industrial Procurement (Reference Number: LC30)
Qualification: Public Administration

31. Divisional Management (Reference Number: LC31)
Qualification: Public Administration/Management

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 695 8089


32. Media Relations (Reference Number: LC32)
Qualification: Communication/Public Relations/ Media Studies

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 695 8089

ODG – Office of the Director-General33. Statistical Analysis Modeling (Reference Number: LC33)
Qualification: Economics/Econometrics and Statistics

34. Statistical Analysis Modeling (Reference Number: LC34)
Qualification: Software Development/Computer Science

35. Impact Assessment Unit (Reference Number: LC35)
Qualification: Economics

36. Policy Coordination (Reference Number: LC36)
Qualification: Economics/Public Management

37. ERPC/SMU (Reference Number: LC37)
Qualification: Public Administration/Management

38. Internal Audit (Reference Number: LC38)
Qualification: Internal Auditing/Financial Accounting and Cost and Management accounting

39 .Internal Control (Reference Number: LC39)
Qualification: Auditing

40. Financial Accounting: Staff Claims & Salaries (Reference Number: LC40)
Qualification: Financial Accounting/related

41. Supply Chain Management (Reference Number: LC41)
Qualification: SCM/Finance

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 273 1697

SEZ&ET – Special Economic Zones and Economic Transformation

42. Office of the Chief Operating Officer (Reference Number: LC42)
Qualification: Public Administration/Business Administration

43. Spatial Economic Planning Research (Reference Number: LC43)
Qualification: Economics and Management

44. Policy Planning Unit (Reference Number: LC44)
Qualification: Economics/Business Management

45. Women Empowerment (Reference Number: LC45)
Qualification: Development Economics

46. Economic Infrastructure Development (Reference Number: LC46)
Qualification: Economics

47. Innovation and Technology (Reference Number: LC47)
Qualification: Science/Engineering/Economics

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 695 8089

TISA – Trade and Investment South Africa

48. Export Marketing – Group Mission (Reference Number: LC48)
Qualification: Business Administration/Marketing

49. Export Marketing (Reference Number: LC49)
Qualification: Accounting/Business Management and Economics

50. Export Promotion Regional Desks (Reference Number: LC50)
Qualification: International Relations/Economics

51. National Pavilion (Reference Number: LC51)
Qualification: Business Management/Economics

Application E-mail Address: or Fax: 086 273 1697


  • Applications are invited from unemployed South African citizens aged between 18 and 35 years who have completed a minimum of N6/ National Diploma or B degree in the relevant fields as indicated above

  • Interns will receive monthly stipend of R6 000.00 in accordance with their highest qualification at the time of appointment

  • Applicants who have already participated in any Government Internship Programme will not be considered and if it is found that this was the case after appointment, the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.

Closing date: 30 November 2015

How to apply

Applications must be submitted on a signed Z83 form (download here), obtainable from any Public Service department, and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualification (including Matric Certificate), academic record and Identity Document. Failure to provide required documents will disqualify applicants. Applicants must clearly indicate the reference number on the Z83 form. A separate application should be submitted for each study field of interest. No late applications will be considered. Unless indicated otherwise, the internship opportunities are based in Pretoria.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to have international qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). All qualifications will be subjected to verification. Correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only. If you have not been contacted within two months of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. The Department of Trade and Industry is committed to the achievement of and maintenance of diversity and equity in employment, especially of race, gender and disability. A minimum of three positions will be targeted for candidates with disabilities.

Kindly forward your applications, quoting the relevant reference, to Wozani Recruitment Agency at the e-mail address or fax number corresponding to the relevant reference, as seen in the above table, or post it to Wozani Recruitment Agency, PO Box 1135, Roodepoort 1724. Alternatively, applications can be hand delivered to the dti Campus, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria.

Please direct all queries to Sanah Kwenaite at (012) 394-3363 or Hlamalani Mavasa at (012) 394-1981

Via – Department of Trade and Industry

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