Monday, 16 November 2015

Film/Production/Animation/Writting/Editing Graduates 2016

Bon Appetit is a boutique film and video production company based in Johannesburg, specialising in “amazing.” We’ve been running for 2 years and are now on the hunt for a great team of interns to expand our team.

What we’re looking for, is a bunch of bright young minds who give their best 100% of the time, have an unwavering work ethic, a positive, “can do” attitude who work well in a team, as well as being talented and skilled in their chosen field; a team that we can groom into the top filmmakers of tomorrow.
Please recommend 10 of your top achievers and that oddball who you know has what it takes but just needs the right environment to blossom. We are looking for more females than males.

We need :
1 x Writing/ Directing graduate

1 x Cinematography graduate (With sound recording skills would be a bonus)

1 x Animation graduate with design skills (2D, stop motion and some 3D skills would be a bonus)

1 x Producing graduate (must have skills in Excel, Word and all other relevant software, excellent communication skills - experience in managing at least student shoots is a plus and will give them a competitive edge)

2 x Editing graduates (Pro Tools skills for audio mix are a plus)
We do not shoot multi cam television, so we are looking for graduates with practical, hands on experience in single cam (even if it’s only on student films). Our main focus is the narrative, single cam format (web films, web series, short films) but we also do a lot of corporate videos, event videos, behind the scenes and some music videos. Our company is young and dynamic and we are looking for interns that fit the bill. We are on the road to an exciting future in Branded Entertainment, which will move our work more into the realm of advertising. We have a lot of internal projects that we do as well, so there will be a lot of opportunity to learn and become independent very quickly.

Please note this is a 8 month program and will have basic remuneration.

We ask that you only send us your top achievers and most promising young stars as we get hundreds of CVs from students a month and are looking to you for your best and brightest only.

Send CV to

Closing: 20 November 2015

For more information on Bon Appetit Films please visit our website

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