Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Graduating Film School Students At Spelonk 2016

You can be part of the Spelonk crew. We have a showcase of incredibly talented department heads and an integrated internship program with award winning film company Imagenheart films.
We are currently looking for the following
1) On set sound
2) Gaffer, camera assist
3) Props master
4) Assistant director
5) casting director
6) unit manager
7) Location manager
8) location scout
9) marketing assistant
10) behind scenes crew- video and photo
11) continuity
12) focus puller
13) Best boy
14) grip
15) set dressor
16) construction co ordinator- set building
17) key scenic
18) prop maker
19) costume assistant
20) hair and make up
21) special effects artist
22) special effects (and cgi competent )

Send your details to

Location: Western Cape

Closing: 23 November 2015

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