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Indwe Graduate Programme 2016

The graduate internship project was initiated by Indwe Risk Services due to the shortage of young black professionals in the short term insurance industry and to support the growth and development strategy of the organisation.

As an accredited training provider, Indwe offers training and workplace experiential learning to the interns for a period of a year. This is supported by funding from INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority).

According to SETA’s internships agreements, on completion of the internship there is no guarantee of employment, but in most cases Indwe will endeavour to employ each intern at different divisions in the company.

The programme is designed in such a way that during training, the interns are exposed to all different departments, branches and divisions of the company. This assists them in finding their individual niches, and provides valuable work experience. As a result, the interns are prepared for future employment in the short term insurance industry, equipped with a sound understanding of how business operates within the South African economy.

The programme consists of unit-standard based skills programmes. They are assessed formatively and summatively, and if found competent, the interns are awarded the relevant credits to make them compliant. At the end of the programme, the recruited interns will be deemed “fit and proper” in terms of the workplace experience gained, and minimum credits required, in line with requirements as stipulated in the FAIS Act (Act 37 of 2002).

Project Aim

• To develop a knowledgeable and skilled Indwe workforce (Skills Development Act).
• To equip graduates with expert knowledge of the short term insurance industry (Corporate Exposure/ Social responsibility)
• Initiated on empowerment principles, the interns will acquire on-the-job training experience, which is critical for skills transfer (Workplace integrated learning).
• To equip the interns with professional workplace and personal life skills (career development).

Programme duration

The programme runs for twelve (12) months and includes intensive theoretical knowledge about products, legislation, and business acumen; and involves assignments, case studies based on media articles, research, presentations and portfolio building towards FAIS-related credits.

● 12 months contractual appointments
● Indwe departments: KPAs/Milestones/Mentors/Coaches

Programme Scope

During the four months of theoretical training and eight months of experiential learning at the different business units, the interns are equipped with the following information and skills:

• Self knowledge and self-empowerment (Self SWOT/Development Analysis)
• Introduction to short-term insurance
• FAIS Act, Short-Term Insurance Act and related legislations
• Business ethics
• Personal financial planning and management (personal financial fitness)
• Indwe short-term insurance products (personal, commercial and corporate)
• Indwe data capturing systems
• Customer interaction - planning and management
• Basic conditions of employment
• Business communication
• Time and stress management
• Customer service orientation – Interpersonal relation skills and Telephone techniques
• Analysis of annual organizations’ financial reports

These skills are critical to the organisation’s vision – “To be the best provider of superior risk solutions and a rewarding service experience”.

Selection Process

Graduate Internship Requirements

• Applicants to have completed their two/three year diploma or degree

• Diploma or degree in the following disciplines:

BCom – Risk Management & Insurance
Business Management
Economics & Econometrics
Sales & Marketing

• Candidates not to have participated in an internship prior to apply for Indwe internship programme

Please send CVs to Shoki Motau

CLOSING DATE FOR CV’S: 30 NOVEMBER 2015 FOR 2016 INTERNSHIP for these areas:

• Durban
• Western Cape
• Witbank
• Bloemfontein and
• Welkom

Project Manager: Emmah Mataboge: emmahm@indwe.co.za

Project Coordinator: Shoki Motau : shokim@indwe.co.za

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