Monday, 2 November 2015

Journalism Internhip At The Inspired Africa 2015

The Inspired Africa is an online publication updated weekly, whose core focus is to expose Africa to its natives and the international community as a lucrative investment and holiday destination. The holiday accommodation in Africa has improved to world class standards. The natural beauty and wild life topped up with a brilliant weather patten that cannot be equaled, marks Africa the destination of choice.

An intern journalist position available at an online magazine based in Randburg.

Candidates for internships MUST:

- Have strong interpersonal, verbal/written communication skills, leadership and organizational abilities.

- Maintain a professional appearance, be enthusiastic, and have a demonstrated interest in journalism and news.

- Passion for investment property and a basic understanding of the language.

- Able to identify stories that are relevant to the publication.

-  Attentiveness to the business news and current events.

- Ability to contribute creative ideas and concepts

- Positive and motivated

- Hard worker

Personal Skills/Attributes

  • Can work well and stay calm under extreme pressure

  • Good at managing time and deadlines

  • Reliable

  • Able to produce quality work even when under pressure

  • Able to work both independently and as a team

  • Able to come up with creative solutions to problems

  • Able to interpret and deliver on briefs

Closing: 10 November 2015

If you believe you have a contribution to make and the capacity to learn, send your CV to:

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