Thursday, 12 November 2015

Traffic Intern At Owen Kessel Leo Burnett 2016

 We believe that creativity has the power to transform human behaviour. This business is about people, purpose and participation.

We use storytelling to create participation between people and brands. We call it HumanKind (tm).

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for effective system management of scheduling basic production and monitoring of all projects to extract the greatest return on investment (against time/ resource/ budget) within the agency.

  • This includes all the key stages – briefings, reviews, status meetings, creative development and authors up to the production processes.

  • This position requires knowledge in through the line (TTL) communications.

  • Each project/ job must be delivered within set out timelines and to the highest possible standard.

  • To manage creative time based on Client business in the system in conjunction with the Operations Director.

  • To have an understanding of all client business, market environment and products/ brands.

  • Keep abreast of competitive activity/ new market communications and share with client and team timeously as required.

  • Building close and enduring relationships with senior team members.

  • Inspiring the agency team to develop alternative innovative production solutions to meet client business needs and grow their business overall.

  • Maintaining the highest standards of delivery and quality throughout development and implementation of all work.

  • Knowledge in all ‘Through the line’ and Digital communications.

  • Assist with ad-hoc projects as required within the deliverables above and in consultation with the Operation Director and Project/ Production Director.

  • Striving for flawless admin/ housekeeping at all times.

  • An understanding of the agency culture, credentials, philosophy, working tools and worldwide knowledge.

  • Be pro-active, add value and manage clients’ expectations.

Salary: R6,000.00 /month

Required education: Bachelor's

Location: Johannesburg

Closing Date: 20 November 2015

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