Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sales Ladies At UDM 2016

UDM International is a very successful, corporate company in Sandton, Hyde Park. We provide you with growth and a great earning potential.

In this role you will be provided with paid training to make sure that you are fully equipped to become a sales and marketing professional with us.

Training earning potential:

R2,500-R8,000 per week

In our sales position you will never do any cold calling.

You will be provided with pre-qualified leads that are based of referrals from existing clients.

All sales are conducted on site, so no more driving from client to client. You will never take work home.

At UDM International you will finally get paid for all your hard work and determine your own income.

Our commission is uncapped so your income is not limited and we don’t have any claw backs.

Average income for all permanent agents= R31,000 p/m

Average income for top 20%=R62,000 p/m

We keep our sales environment exciting with incentives during the month to keep our sales people motivated and at the top of their game.

Working hours

Training: Monday-Thursday        08.30-16.30

Friday    08.30-15.30

Permanent sales agents can choose working hours:

Option 1:

Monday-Thursday           07.30-15.00

Friday    07:30-14:30

Option 2:

Monday- Thursday          08.30-16.00

Friday    08.30-15.30


To qualify for the position you require

  • Matric

  • Clear criminal record

  • No judgements

  • No debt review


Nice to have but not required:

  • Passion for sales and experience

  • Degree

  • Sporty background

To apply

Send following required documents to

  1. Full CV

  2. Cover letter

  3. Reference letter or a contact number.

Company Description

Very corporate company that's been successful for 21 years looking to grow their sales team by making you successful in a minimum of time.

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