Monday, 4 April 2016

From Intern To Media Mogul: Given Mkhari

Given Mkhari, grew up in Tzaneen and attendend Turfloop University (now it's called University of Limpopo) to become a teacher, was an intern for SAA and the City of Johannesburg. He interned while studying.

He later got an opportunity to go to New York to study. And whilst studying, he got an internship at a radio station, Inner City Broadcasting. While in the USA, Given was mentored by the great African novelist and poet, Chinua Achebe.

He came back, worked for Kaya FM and Metro FM and other well known companies.

Today, he is founder and Group CEO of MSG Afrika Investment Holdings.   The company boosts companies such as Power FM, Capricorn FM and Continental Outdoor Media in their stable. Other stakeholders include Ndalo Media and African Women Chartered Accountants Investment Holdings.

Amongst other accolades he is the recipient of Men’s Health Businessman of the Year Award (2009) and The Financial Mail’s Top Ten Most Powerful People in advertising 2006 – 2010.

Despite all the challenges that he faced, Given continues to prove that with faith and self belief, you can rise above the odds and do incredible things in life.

He are some of his thoughts on success and life:

"Every day, is an opportunity, it’s a legacy creation opportunity. "

"We are the future."

"I have had a lot of challenging times in my professional life, in my working life and my personal life. They come every day. But I derive satisfaction in overcoming them."

"I'm driven by the quest to share that your past cannot determine your future."

"It is very important that you get credibility in this industry, as it means people take you more seriously."

"Leadership is about being adaptability and to be able to confront yourself and to admit when things are not going as you thought."

" Be humble enough to say I got it wrong but I am big enough to face it and deal with it."

"If you are doing something that you believe in, whether it happens or not, is immaterial. The point is that you started. You tried and you gave it your best shot."

Follow Given on Twitter: @MkhariGiven

Source of Quotes: Destiny Magazine and Birthrock

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