Sunday, 24 April 2016

Oceanographic Engineering Internship at CSIR 2016

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has an Internship opportunity in the Ocean Systems and Climate research group in the Natural Resource and Environment unit (NRE).The purpose of this role is to equip new graduates with practical experience while assisting with laboratory-based electronic servicing, repair and design work as well as fieldwork, including at-sea engineering support. This position is based at the South African Marine Engineering and Robotics Centre (SAMERC) in Cape Town.

The CSIR is a leading scientific and technology research organisation, implementing projects throughout Africa and making a difference in people’s lives.

  • Technical engineering tasks associated with the field of marine electronics, autonomous robotics and general technologies;
  • Assemble and testing of electronic systems, sub-systems, laboratory-based design and construction;
  • Develop software, including : graphical user interfaces using high-level languages as well as embedded software in C; User interface, microcontrollers, embedded and high-end software;
  • Install, constructing, commissioning, wiring interfacing of electronic equipment;
  • Finding faults, repairing, testing and servicing of analogue and digital electronic equipment;
  • Develop custom-designed engineering solutions;
  • Provide technical support to engineers and technicians;
  • Report on technical and administrative documentation;
  • Procuring components and general administrative tasks;
  • Service and piloting of existing robotics platforms.
  • A National Diploma in electrical engineering (Light Current) or a three-year bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering,
  • Must have an interest in general technologies (mechanical design, 3D rendering);
  • Hands-on practical approach to technical construction (application of theoretical knowledge);
  • Willing and able to work for extended periods on research vessels at sea (Antarctica, local and international waters)
  • An awareness and interest in the environment and ocean technologies will be an added advantage; Good people skills, communication skills, organisational skills and ability to work under pressure.
How to apply
Closing date is 08 May 2016. Should you meet the above requirements, please email your CV to with your name and surname, position title and reference number on the subject line, (e.g. John Smith: Internship: Oceanographic Engineering Reference No: 306741).

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