Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Unilever Supply Chain Internship Programme 2016

Get the work experience you’re dreaming of at Unilever, SA’s number 1 FMCG and Manufacturing employer!  The Future Leaders Programme is designed to grow you into a manager, through hands-on learning alongside world-class experts
The Unilever Future Leaders Programme is about developing tomorrow’s leaders, today.It’s designed to grow you into a manager, through hands-on learning alongside world-class experts. You’ll be hired into a function and develop your leadership skills by working on live projects which offer you all the experience you need to become ready for your first management role.

Unilever Future Leaders Program is the best choice to develop you as a dynamic BUSINESS LEADER of the future with huge DIFFERENCES, enabling you to grow and make a POSITIVE impact not only on your PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL life but also on PEOPLE around you.

When you join Unilever, you’ll be working on live projects and gaining experience at one of the world’s most competitive and successful consumer goods companies.

The Unilever Internship Programme is a 4 week Internship during semester vacation.

Key Responsibilities:
Customer Service Excellence Planning and Logistics: This is a challenging but enjoyable juggling act. You will need to estimate the future demands of our customers, then synchronise the combination of thousands of materials with production line availability to create our many products. You also need to co-ordinate where the finished product needs to go and how it is going to get there. Getting this together at the right time and in the right quantity is a challenge reserved for the best and brightest.

Supply Management “Procurement”:  Responsible business and value for money both start here. We’re astute in how we source the many raw materials, packaging and non-production items that we use. You will be on the front line, representing Unilever to suppliers.

Engineering Manufacturing and Processing : The next step is to turn raw materials into finished products. In engineering, you’ll be responsible for design, operation and maintenance of our leading edge, highly automated manufacturing plants. Efficiency is key to being able to meet the demands of customers and consumers.

Plan, Source and Deliver Function
The Supply Chain Plan function consists of Demand, Supply, Innovation and Strategic planning. They collaborate with our brands and customer teams to prepare an estimate of sales for our wide range of products. Plan supply of products within the safety stock and working capital boundaries. On a larger scale, work across all functions and major global teams to land our numerous innovations and investment/capex plans. Source function strategically procure raw material, packaging and non/production items. The deliver function is responsible for guaranteeing that a product is delivered to the end consumer/ customer in the most effective and efficient way. Ensuring that the consumer receives it on time, in full, at the right quality and quantity.

The MAKE function is responsible for continually seeking and developing sustainable methods of efficiently transforming raw materials into valuable products of superior quality. Engineers within the MAKE function help improve Unilever’s factories Performance and production efficiencies and also develop and implement innovative methods and strategies that help us adapt to the ever changing needs of our consumers.

Minimum Requirements:
-Minimum requirement Bachelors Degree in Sciences, Engineering (all except civil & Metallurgy) and / or Commerce.
-Matric with Mathematics and English (No Maths literacy) and;
- We have a preference for BSC, BEng, BCom, BBS, BSC degree's

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