Monday, 2 May 2016

From Intern To Top Broadcaster: Siki Mgabedeli

Siki Mgabadeli started her career as an intern at Summit TV (now Business Day TV) in 2001 where she ended up presenting African Business Tonight and becoming deputy news editor.

Despite facing prejudices in the workplace, Siki has been in roles such as Business Editor at Power FM, host of eNCA’s TV show The Big Debate, anchor of Morning Talk and Market Update on SAfm and  executive economics editor at SABC and she was former senior business news anchor at CNBC Africa.

Siki has a Bachelor of Journalism (hons) from Rhodes University, studying there from 1997-2000.

She’s also a highly sought-after moderator and facilitator at various international conferences. She’s written a column for the Sunday Independent and has won a variety of awards for her journalism including the Telkom ICT Journalist of the Year award (TV News Category) and the Sanlam Financial Journalist of the Year award.

She also hosted a 90-minute live television debate at the WEF on Africa, under the theme Investing in Africa: From Opportunity to Reality.

Here are some thoughts from her on success and life: 

“You need a strong sense of self – without that, you will doubt yourself and your potential.”
"Working at the SABC taught me to work hard to stand out in an organisation full of people all trying to make a name for themselves."
“You’re smarter and stronger than you think. Ignore the noise and just put in the hard work. And don’t take no for an answer.”
"Standing up for what is right will always be fashionable."
"Be adaptable and dynamic in your career and give back."
“I believe that reading is a fundamental pillar of education. Reading books influences choices and enhances critical and creative thinking. I started reading from a very young age and still enjoy it today.”

Follow Siki on Twitter: @sikimgabadeli

Source of Quotes: The Media magazine.

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