Tuesday, 5 July 2016

5 X Etiket Brand Design’s internship programme 2016

We like things that are new and shiny! And nothing beats the smell of just unwrapped plastic. Basically, if you have just completed your qualification at a reputable Creative School, University or University of Technology in Design, Copywriting, Art Direction or Client Service, you could be a suitable candidate for Etiket Brand Design’s internship programme. (Picture that poster of Uncle Sam, pointing at you, going: “We want you!”)

We are offering five (5) paid-for internships that will last eight (8) months to peeps who meet the following requirements:

1.      Have a relevant degree/diploma.
2.      Want to experience a cutting-edge agency environment.
3.      Display a passion for the various elements of creative communication.
4.      Are passionate beyond all logic and reasonable reason.
5.      Have a strong student portfolio to substantiate your application.
6.      Have a PC/Mac that you can work on.
7.      Can stomach preposterous quantities of tequila.
8.      Don’t get tired after lunch and demand nap time.
9.      Know more than one version of happy birthday.

If you are not scared yet, please send your CV and porti to internship@etiket.co.za no later than the 15th July 2016

Location: Pretoria

Suitable candidates will be contacted for a panel interview. Etiket is under no obligation to fill all the positions.

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