Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Cipla Biotec's Graduate Training Programme 2016

Cipla Biotec's Training Program runs for a 6 month month period. It is designed to help the Graduate make a smooth transition from campus into the world of work.

Graduate trainees will undergo a hands-on training program covering the entire gamut of Manufacturing & Engineering functions in a running setup at Cipla BioTec, in Goa, India.

The all-round experience will help graduates understand the entire manufacturing chain & also provide them exposure to advanced manufacturing technology. NB!

University candidates should apply on the University Job Advertisement.

Requirements, Qualifications & Experience Education: 

• Passed and completed Technikon Qualification (less than 1 Year working Experience) or Final Year students : National diploma –Biotechnology; B Tech – biotechnology; National diploma – Chemical Engineering; B Tech – Chem Engineering

• Passed and completed Matric or equivalent

• Working experience not required.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Graduates will be exposed to the following areas (but not limited to):
- Protein Synthesis
- Mammalian Cell Culture
- Commercial level Bioreactors
- Lab Scale Bioreactors
- Upscaling process up to 2kL
- Downstream – Purification
- Industrial Scale Chromatography
- Tangential flow filtration
- cGMP
- Drug Product
o Vials
o Lyophilisation
- Engineering & utilities
o Boilers
o Chillers
- Validations


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