Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Moncole Graduate Opportunities 2016/17

Monocle is a results-focused consulting firm specialising in Banking and Insurance. We believe in doing business with integrity and transparency. 

We work closely with every one of our clients to determine and build a unique solution that will solve their challenges.

How it works:
Our graduate intakes are immediately employed on a permanent basis. Your first two months will be spent in intensive training, under the guidance of one of our top executives.

On completion of your training, you will be elevated from graduate to analyst – and will begin solving banking challenges.

We are committed to helping all our graduate intakes develop their career, and offer.

Every year, Monocle recruits the finest students with an Honours or Masters degree in: Finance / Economics / Mathematics / Statistics / Risk Management / Accounting / Commercial Law / Engineering / Information Technology / Informatics / Computer Science
  • Consistent guidance
  • Regular mentorship oversight
  • Career development advice
  • Access to ongoing training programmes and courses
Training includes:
  • High-pressure team work
  • Soft and Hard skills (Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Access etc.)
  • Access to our Internal Knowledge Programme
  • The time to write other access exams
  • Producing white papers, book reviews, video content, and executive presentations
  • Hands-on experience in critical finance issues
How to apply
Click here to apply online

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