Thursday, 8 September 2016

Aerosud Aviation at Apprenticeship Programme 2016

Aerosud has an established apprenticeship program with an in house training facility for the various trades.

Apprentice training will take place over a maximum of 4 years in the either of following two trade disciplines:
  • Aircraft structures
  • Aircraft composite structures
The above programs are approved by the Transport Education Training Authority (TETA).
Aerosud’s continuous strive to be an ever flourishing company is very much dependent on the skills of our personnel and hence we are committed to skills development and to finding new talent. The company was identified as an ISOE, “Institute of Sectoral Occupational Excellence) in 2010. As an ISOE, Aerosud was tasked to develop national standard training material and assessment documentation for Apprentices being trained in Aircraft Structures (Sheetmetal Workers). In 2011 this training and assessment material was registered with the TETA as the official South African Aerospace Industry standard.

Based on the success of the Aircraft Structures project and the quality of training material developed, Aerosud has been tasked by the TETA to do the same for the “Aerospace Composites Worker”. This new project commenced in January 2014.

Aerosud is an established leader in the South African aviation industry, and a recognised and respected brand in the very competitive international market place. Aerosud considers that its business, management and technical skills has the potential for long-term sustainability as a credible, commercially successful private business enterprise.
  • Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science;
  • N3 Trade Theory advantageous.
Applications close on 21 September 2016.

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