Thursday, 8 September 2016

RTA Programme for Law Graduates 2016

The Research and Teaching Associates (RTA) Program caters for recent law graduates who are seeking full-time, short-term academic employment. The RTA Program aims (a) to provide for a developmental opportunity to top law graduates who are interested in exploring an academic career and furthering their own research; (b) to support the academic staff of the Wits School of Law (WSL) in their teaching and related duties, and (c) to increase diversity and employment equity in the WSL. The Program is housed in the D J du Plessis Building on West Campus and forms part of the staff complement of WSL. It includes participation in the intellectual life of the School (which includes the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), also housed in the D J du Plessis Building).

There is scope to combine appointment within the Program with postgraduate studies at the WSL. However, this is not a requirement for appointment.

The work of the RTAs is two-fold. Firstly, RTAs will be required to provide support to academic staff (in one or two specifically allocated courses) with teaching and related tasks in the WSL (for example marking, writing development, course preparation and tutorial administration). Secondly, RTAs will be required to engage in research and writing in their respective fields of interest, and produce a research output thereon. The research output may either be in the form of a publication on a topic identified by the RTA or it may be linked to the RTA’s postgraduate studies. A commitment to teaching and research is essential.

The candidate must have an LLB or equivalent on appointment, and must hold at least one South African law degree (LLB, Masters or PhD). RTAs will be appointed for a period of twelve months. Appointments will be made prior to the year in which employment is to be undertaken.

The University is committed to employment equity. Preference will be given to appointable applicants in terms of the relevant employment equity plans and policies of the University.The University retains the right not to make an appointment and to verify all information provided by candidates. Preference will be given to appointable internal candidates. Please note that correspondence will only be entered into with shortlisted candidates.  The University reserves the right not to make an appointment or to re-advertise. The University reserves the right to continue searching thereafter.

Please note that the appointment of a foreign national in the Program is entirely conditional upon the candidate (a) being registered for a postgraduate Program at the University (for example; PhD, LLM or Postgraduate Diploma), and (b) obtaining a study permit by no later than Monday 1 January 2017

Applications close on 21 September 2016.

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