Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The TIA Future Internship Programme 2016

A new innovation-driven mind set and demand for South Africa is needed to ensure a sustainable stream of skilled workers.

For this to happen we have to begin arming our young people from foundational level with problem-solving skills and the ability to make rapid decisions based on facts and evidence. They must also be instilled with commercial awareness and the talent for spotting opportunities.

The TIA Future 500 Internship Programme is aimed at leading interns to master Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Skills, which are the very foundation of innovation and advanced problem-solving skills and full-spectrum thinking (design and creative thinking).

This programme is an initiatives aimed at strengthening critical thinking capabilities to enable innovation to occur spanning over a 3 year period (the call out is for recruitment for the 1st year of the programme
  • Year 1: Developing creative thinking skills
  • Year 2: Idea to Product and technology development
  • Year 3: Developing collaborative and entrepreneurial skills
The Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) was established in terms of the TIA Act, 2008 (Act No. 26 of 2008), with the objective of stimulating and intensifying technological innovation in order to improve economic growth and the quality of life of all South Africans by developing and exploiting technological innovations.

  • SA Citizens
  • National Diploma (Matric +2 years Certificate)
  • Degree (Matric + 3 or 4 years Undergraduate)
  • Post graduate degree
Applications close on 24 September 2016. 

Click here to apply online

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