Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Technology Advisory Graduate Opportunity at KPMG SA 2017

KPMG’s Technology Advisory graduate position is an exciting and stimulating experience that equips graduates with a combination of Information Technology (IT) and business skills.

During the two-year period, termed our Development Programme, staff receive a combination of formal and practical on-the-job training to further enhance their skill set.

This leads to our Professional Development, Management Development and Leadership Development Programme, all elements of our Technology Advisory Business School concept. In addition, our mentoring programme ensures that all staff will have continuous career counselling and avenues for feedback.

Applicants for our Technology Advisory graduate position will require an IT-related degree that could include:

Undergraduate / Postgraduate qualification in one of the following:

• BSc Computer Science / Information Technology / Information Systems;
• BCom Information Systems (IS) / Informatics / Computer Science; or
• BBusSc. Computer Science / Information Technology

65% academic average across all years of study

The Technology Advisory graduate position is a tremendous opportunity that awaits dynamic individuals searching for an environment that is vibrant and challenging


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