Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Public Relations Senior Internship/Assistant 2017

I am looking for a Senior Intern and hoping you will assist in this regard. (I’d love someone who is already working from home, or looking for part-time work, perhaps a mom with a child/children in school, preferably older than 30).

Public Relations Senior Internship available for a national entrepreneurial workshop and competition programme
  • Internship Title: Public Relations Senior Internship/Assistant
  • Half day – flexi-time
  • Start Date: Immediately
  • End Date: mid-December
  • Salary: R4500 
  • Outlook, Word, Excel highly proficient – advanced preferable
  • PR experience
  • Able to work from home, independently
  • Access to internet
  • (Telephone will be provided)
  • Manage own time (flexi-time)
  • Fast, with superb attention to detail
  • Close to Rivonia area, to come into office when necessary
  • Own car
  • Professional, strong telephone etiquette
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Outgoing, professional and presentable at all times
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Team player 
Job Spec
  • Send multiple releases to national media and call to follow up and push for editorial (with follow up emails)
    • Anticipate 4 national releases
  • Send multiple releases to community / regional media and call:
    • To follow up
    • Push for editorial
    • Push to attend event
    • Push for radio interviews
    • Push for post-event editorial and profiling
    • Anticipate 7 releases per region
  • Send invitations to attend events to national and community media and send invites for the final event
    • Follow ups
    • RSVPS
    • Send meeting requests
  • Attend the Johannesburg event on Saturday 9 September (full day – will pay extra)
  • Prepare the media list for printing the Thursday prior to each event
  • Maintain media databases meticulously and consistently
  • Reporting for client meetings
  • Meticulously manage the reporting of editorial received (save to server, clip physical editorial when received, update spreadsheet)
  • Maintain neat and organised document filing through explorer (through OneDrive)
  • Filing
  • GreenQueen to arrange:
    • Computer
    • Email
    • Phone
    • OneDrive access
  • Any additional work required to ensure the project runs smoothly and professionally 
Thanks, please let me know if you need anything further or anything clarified.

 Applications should be send to

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