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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Zahra Travel and Tours Internship 2015

As a newly established Travel Agency, we are defining ourselves as a specialized consultancy service and introducing a brand primarily focused around customer centric business development and marketing practices. As such, we believe in order to offer a specialized advisory service it is not only necessary to build well established relationships with both suppliers and consumers of travel, but become a source of trusted information that coordinates the travel industry towards the benefit of the consumer by leveraging supplier resources.

It is for this reason that we are now opening the opportunity for students of travel and tourism to intern with us. These internship programs will be project based, as the successful candidates will be tasked with the responsibility to perform in-depth research on both the popular and less travelled corners of the world, document their findings and digitally publish the information. As part of this task, each intern will be allocated a dedicated region for which they will be expected to establish communication with all relevant travel, tour, cruise, accommodation and car hire / transportation establishments available in order to advise prospective travellers, but also identify and target prospective suppliers and negotiate the possibility of direct referral partnerships.

In starting our search for the ideal candidates to take part in this internship program, we request that each applicant submit a brief trial project to be used as the evaluating criteria to determine whether the applicant possesses the ability to work independently, and present work of good standing within a short turn-around time.

Duration: The internship will last for an initial 3 months, during which time you will be provided with practical work experience; complete with Amadeus selling platform / ticketing training.

After the initial 3 month period, we will then be willing to negotiate a formal position within the company based on performance.

Important Notice: Please note that your own laptop will be essential.

Salary: This is an unpaid internship, however we will reimburse all successful applicants for transportation costs, up to R1000.00 pm.

If you would like to apply, please send your CV to, subject: Internship. Should we accept your application, we will contact you regarding the allocated project which must be completed as part of the application.

Hours Required: We require a minimum of 20 hours to be completed in the office each week.