Friday, 17 November 2017

Fashion/styling design internship Opportunity at Moose Films 2017

Moose is a subsidiary of Aila Images Ltd UK. We create inspiring, beautiful video and photographic imagery for the world’s best stock footage and image libraries.

We are a small team based in Woodstock, Cape Town. Because our teams are small, crew members at Moose are like swiss army knives, and don’t like to get stuck in rigid traditional film industry crew titles. We help and look after each other, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. 

Our crew members love to be hands-on in all areas in their relevant department, and sometimes across departments.

We are offering full-time positions, not the traditional freelance lifestyle. There could be late nights and early mornings - but if you are awesome - there is job security and a sense of family. We want to work with people who are committed, loyal and who want to work in a team, and who are passionate about creating aspirational imagery.

You have grit, creativity, determination, skill, and talent that go beyond what is easily defined by a cover letter/cv or job description. Just as your abilities go way beyond what your CV can ever capture so does the scope of the position. You go above and beyond.

Moose Films is hiring a fashion/styling design intern to join our small teams to create aspirational imagery for stock footage/image libraries.

You are part of what keeps the cogs turning, running around performing a wide variety of production and administrative tasks. You are everyone’s right-hand man/woman.

You use your initiative to help make sure everything on set and during pre-production is running smoothly.You enjoy a bit of DIY, sewing and repacking the styling department. You make sure orders come on time, follow up on outstanding invoices. No job is too big or too small.

To apply send us:

A one-minute video of yourself, just say ‘hi’ introduce yourself, let us know what you are about. (does not need to be professionally done, you can use your phone) This is the best and only way we are able to meet every applicant.

Brief cover letter: Tell us about the things you have done that show you are a good fit for the role and prove your awesomeness.

NOTE: If you link to something we need to know in what role you were involved in the project to: Applications will not be considered without a video.


Interview process:

There will be one initial interview, If you make it to the next round, we will invite you to a second interview/trial.

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