Tuesday, 12 December 2017

IT Internship at Bolunga Systems 2017

The journey of Bolunga Systems started in 2012 with a Digital Radio installation Services team. Bolunga has since grown to an ICT Services company that provides Infrastructure Services, Consulting Services and Electronic Waste Management. Bolunga is a Broad-based Black Economic Company with offices in Gauteng and Eastern Cape.

Bolunga’s core focus is Telecommunications Infrastructure Solutions, Information Technology Consulting and People Solutions. We cover a broad spectrum of Radio Frequency (RF) related work.

The name Bolunga is a Nguni word meaning ‘Goodness will prevail’ and our promise is to deliver value to all clients and stakeholders by creating value and systems that will add goodness to their business.

We have an IT Internship position. 

Candidate should have the following:
  • A+ & N+ certification
  • IT Diploma/Degree (highly advantageous)
  • Candidate must have drivers license
  • Being part of a self-managed team (SMT) and delivering support to Bolunga and other clients as requested.
  • Entry level to intermediate proactive work within the client portfolio of their team.
  • Low-level reactive work within their client portfolio.
  • Assistance with projects at their clients that are project managed by the Senior or Project Manager.
  • Ensuring that all time is captured timeously, i.e. have all time from the current business day captured by the next business day.
  • Will be required to build and install workstations, assist with building servers from E-waste department
  • Installation of workstations.
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems on workstations.
  • Troubleshooting OS and MS Office as well as 3rd party software issues.
  • Must be able to setup peripherals such as printers, modems, scanners and troubleshoot problems with them.
  • Required to have good knowledge of TCP/IP
  • Required to have good knowledge of LAN infrastructure and understand what WAN is.
  • Must have basic knowledge of MS back office products and have a novice understanding of basic Active Directory administration (adding users etc).
  • Must have good general end user literacy in MS Office. Especially Word, Outlook and Excel.
  • Must be able to install and troubleshoot 3rd party applications such as Antivirus.
Closing date 18 December 2017

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