Monday, 5 March 2018

Turn your opinion into cash, airtime and shopping vouchers

Hey guys, we all trying to earn some extra moolah. And we found this cool site called Tell Us About It (TUAI) which is a consumer panel run by Panel Services Africa.

You can turn your opinion into cash, airtime and shopping vouchers – start answering interesting surveys today with the #Tellusaboutit community.

They want to know what you eat, drink, breathe, dream about and would sell your left foot for AND you'll get paid for taking part.

You can chat about things that interest you, affect you and may change your life. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s fruitful. Join now, voice your opinions and earn your rewards!

About Tell Us About It: 

TUAI is a free online community and our aim is to obtain information from registered panellists based on the criteria that our clients require feedback on. Major corporations then use your opinions to brainstorm and create new products – these could be product usage and attitudes, advertising, and many other marketing topics.

We deliver scientifically selected answers from among our panellists, who are rewarded for their loyalty. These rewards vary depending on the complexity of the subjects being dealt with, the information value, response speed.

How many points will I earn for participating in online surveys?

This depends upon how much work you have to do. If you only have one question to answer, you would only get 5 points or so. If you stuck with a very long survey, you could get 100 points or more. But most carry between 50 and 100 points.

Here is proof from K's account. 

Join the Tell Us About It community today – it’s FREE! 

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