Thursday, 17 May 2018

Coega Internship Programme 2018

New opportunities available for qualified and ambitious intern to join our company. The internship experience is intensive and seeks mature individuals who are able to work independently as well as in a team.


CDC is a development agency enabling sustainable socio-economic development in South Africa, through investment, infrastructure development, SMME development, mentorship, and facilitating skills transfer.


Coega is pronounced ’koo-gha’ with a guttural sound forming the last syllable. Coega would have originally come from the Nguni word Khoekhoen which means ’ground water’. Nguni is a language group to which Xhosa belongs.

The Xhosa word for Coega is Ngqura, and this is the name used for the adjacent Port of Ngqura, a deep water port which adds to business investment opportunities offered by the Coega industrial development zone. To pronounce Ngqura correctly, requires an ability to sound the click as used in the Xhosa language. To successfully achieve this, will likely require of you to travel to this most spectacular part of South Africa, where you are welcome to ask one of the many friendly Xhosa people to instruct you. 

POSITION: Corporate Services Intern (1)
EDUCATION: BCom Information System and Accounting

1. Grade 12
2. BCom Information System and Accounting
3. Computer literacy
4. Must not be older than 35 years age
5. Port Elizabeth permanent residence


1. Young vibrant energetic person
2. Good communication skills
3. Analytical skills

Closing date: 18 May 2018

If you meet the above requirements, please send the CV, academic record and ID copy to the

We encourage applicants to submit prior to the closing date. If you do not receive any response from us within eight weeks, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. Only candidates who are interviewed will be advised of the outcome of their application.

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