Friday, 11 May 2018

RBIDZ Graduate Opportunity 2018

The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company SOC Ltd (RBIDZ), is a business entity of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial government; fully serviced industrial estate on the North-Eastern South African coast.

The RBIDZ is an organisation made up of real people, with a real dedication, and passion to effect real change in South Africa. This commitment and energy is apparent in all dealings with not only each other but with potential investors too.

Job Functions Chemical Engineering 

Industries Chemical / Petrochemical

The successful candidate will be provided with relevant workplace skills and experience in order to prepare for the job market. The development and training areas will include, but not limited to the below:
●Sunflower Seed and Soya Bean Crushing
●Solvent Extraction 
●Crude Oil Refining 
●Palm polishing and fractionation
●The characteristics of edible oils processes by Wilmar, namely; sunflower oil, soya bean oil and palm oil 
●Standard Operating Procedures and process flow 
●Equipment settings and chemical processes 
●Equipment maintenance 
●Quality specifications 
●Quality control 
●Efficiency measurements and process controls 
●Safety requirements, specific safety hazards and risks 
●Food safety systems and procedures 
●Environmental risks and effluent control 
●Effective people management.

●Bachelor Degree or Post-graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering 
●An excellent academic record 

Job Closing Date 21/05/2018

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