Thursday, 14 June 2018

Auditions: BBC Earth Presenter Search for new YouTube series

Planet-loving channel BBC Earth is on a search for creative, undiscovered talent. The channel wants to find a presenter to join the BBC team to film a new four-part YouTube series for BBC Earth's YouTube channels.

The search is happening globally so anyone from round the world can enter and the auditions are happening as we speak. (Entries opened today, 7 June).

Who can apply?

The channel's looking for a fresh presenter - someone was hasn't presented professionally before and someone who can offer a different perspective on natural history and science.

You need to be:
  • Passionate about our planet and all the wonderful things that live on it,
  • Fascinated in the wider world of science, space or the human race,
  • Able to communicate your passion with audiences all over the world.
How to apply

1. First, make a video in English explaining your favourite science fact in under 60 seconds. (This should be a new video made just for this competition).

You can use vlog style or interview someone or intercut your video with animation or any other effect or use a (safe!) practical demonstration to get your fact across. The channel wants to see your creative approach to science communication.

2. Post your video publicly to either YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

3. Use the hashtag #BBCEarthPresenterSearch somewhere in the title / tweet / post.

4. You also need to fill in the entry form online, which you'll find on the BBC Earth website here: Application Form

5. When filling in the entry form you need to include a link to your video and a short statement about why you want to be the next BBC Earth presenter.

Here's a link to the Terms and Conditions (age requirements etc.) and details on the judging process: BBC Earth Presenter Terms and Conditions

Entry deadline: Your entry must be submitted by 5 July 2018.

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