Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Samsung Graduate Programme 2018

What are the responsibilities of the role?

* Implements smaller technical solutions and supports digital communication solutions and services.

* Determines and schedules individual measures to ensure a proper operation.

* Instructs external service providers in implementing proper activities for digital comms operation.

* Monitors digital communication services and ensures a proper operation of defined services.

* manages proper 1st/2nd-level tickets and implements minor bugs in 3rd level oder routes accordingly to the correlating vendor.

* Follows up with according vendor tickets (Adobe, MarkLogic, ...)

* Participates in software development projects

- English fluently

- Knowledge and experience in Adobe products/technology and Adobe related areas as well as Java and markup languages (e.g. CSS & html)

What do I need to qualify?
  • Completed degree or diploma/certificate in IT ( programming )
  • Knowledge of at 3 programming languages
  • Customer interaction experience and giving feedback
  • Completed a internship or currently in an internship in programming.


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