Friday, 6 July 2018

Top 100 of SADC 2018: Nominate a Young African Leader

The Young Independents (TYI) is looking for 100 young and inspiring African leaders.

What does it take to inspire change within Africa? It takes 100% EVERY day.

It requires a vision, resolve and persistence. It takes challenging the status quo. It involves 100 young minds inspiring thousands more.

We’re looking for 100 inspiring youth from Southern Africa (SADC) who fall within these five leadership categories:


Youth inventing new products, business ideas or services that are changing the way we live, work and play. Innovation is the ability to re-imagine things that already are.


Youth who are influencing the actions and behaviours of brands, policies and people. An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience.


Youth leading within their respective field. A trailblazer is most alive and challenged when engaged in acts of discovery or creation.


Youth who are driven to heal our planet and society with their hands and heads. This is a young leader who participates in the global shift in consciousness and acknowledges that Africa has a lot more healing to do to reverse our painful political history of discrimination and oppression.


Youth challenging the status quo with unconventional ideas. Disruptive leadership isn’t about change for the sake of change. It’s about integrating change into the modus operandi.

Access application form to nominate someone or yourself  - CLICK HERE

  • Who is eligible?
  • Any inspiring young leader aged 18 – 35.
  • All SADC residents – Angola, Botswana, Congo (DR), Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • The Top 100 Young Independents of SADC 2018 will each win:
  • A profile in The Young Independents special edition across Independent Media newspapers in 2018.
  • A profile on youth & leadership platform
  • Exposure on our social media platforms.
  • The chance to win in one of five categories.
  • Exclusive invitation to the launch event in JHB in 2018.
  • Invitations to relevant youth seminars and networks.


TYI is a platform created by the youth, for the youth. This platform is for young, inspiring South Africans that are challenging and changing the game, one action at a time.

Our audience is at the top of their field or poised to become just that. They are our leading entrepreneurs, award-winning creatives, key business drivers, all under 36 years old.

Launched in 2015, by the Independent Media Group, our team captures exciting youth-driven initiatives locally and across the continent.

We encourage youth dialogues to inspire the youth to connect and build a common vision, whilst seeking to address the many challenges we face.

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