Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Parmalat Graduate Opportunity 2018

If you recently graduated, this Programme is for you. The ideal Parmalat Graduate is a self-starter who can deal with complexity and has high levels of energy with a Suitable Degree (or equal).

The 24 month Programme offers you the opportunity to choose your career from the very start. So, if you want to be a future marketing specialist, your ambition has our attention.

You will have the support and resources to grow and develop your career in Marketing and will have the guidance’ input; mentorship and support from senior managers, executives, colleagues and resources to develop a path in a successful career in Marketing.

Most of the phases of the programme will be assessed, but we expect more from you than just meeting minimum requirements. We expect you to make the most of the exposure you’ll enjoy in terms of learning and experience.

Ideal Graduate Profile:-
Meeting expectations and completing deliverables regardless of obstacles.
• Planning and coordinating own work to meet commitments and quality expectations.
• Approaching problems in a systematic way.
• Achieving proficiency in technical, functional and professional skills.
• Demonstrating professionalism and integrity in interactions with clients/customers and others.
• Working collaboratively with other team members (client/customer) from different disciplines and backgrounds.
• Facilitating and motivating effective performance of and collaboration among team members (client/customer). 

Responding appropriately as issues arise or circumstances change.


Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Our Graduate Development Programme equips students from a tertiary institute with practical experience in a particular discipline, subsequently ensuring that Parmalat has a sustainable pool of talented and professional technical resources.

We are committed to Employment Equity when recruiting internally and externally. It is company policy to promote from within wherever possible.

Therefore, please be aware that internal candidates will be considered first before reviewing external applicants, provided that this supports achievement of our Employment Equity goals.

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