Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Compcom Cadet Programme 2018

The Compcom Cadet program is aimed at creating an opportunity for experienced and inexperienced graduates to gain training, experience and an opportunity of becoming a seasoned Competition practitioner. During the program Cadets will get an opportunity to rotate in the various divisions within the Commission and an opportunity of gaining admission as a legal practitioner.

(a) Level One Program: We are looking for graduates with no experience but with certain basic competencies required in the area of specialisation and demonstrable potential to excel in our program in line with our Talent Philosophy. The Level One Programs will have a duration of two (2) years resident at the Commission or at a partner institution (for those who are interested in admission as an attorney).

(b) Level Two Program: We are looking for Law Graduates who are admitted as attorneys but are looking for deeper learning in the field of Competition Law and Economics and Economics Graduates with some research experience who are interested in deeper understanding of Competition Law and Economics. Doctoral Graduates with no experience may be considered for the Level Two Program.

(c) Professional Program: We are looking for graduates to provide support, in the following areas:
  • General professional skills program providing exposure in case support, advocacy work, International Relations, Strategy and Monitoring and Advocacy work. This program will target Economists, Lawyers and Social Science Graduates. 
  • Communications program targeting Public Relations, Marketing and Communications Graduates. 
  • Finance program targeting Accounting, Finance and Supply Chain graduates. 
  • Information Technology program targeting IT and Computer Science graduates. 
  • Knowledge Management program targeting Library and Information Management graduates and those who have studied Records Management. 
  • Human Capital Management program targeting Human Resources Management graduates and Industrial Psychology graduates. 
  • Security and Facilities Management program targeting graduates in Security Studies, Facilities Management and related academic programs.

In order to be considered for these programs you must meet the following criteria:
  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Have a completed Masters in Economics or LLB degree (or in your final year) with an average of 70% (Level one applicants) 
  • A completed Masters in Economics with at least 6- 12 months research experience or an LLB degree with admission (Level 2 applicants)
  • A completed Honors degree in the relevant area of specialisation for Professional program applicants with an average of 70%, a Master’s degree will be an added advantage for further consideration

Why you should become a Competition Cadet

After successful completion of the Graduate Training Programme, the trainee will receive a certificate from the Commission, which can be used as proof of training and experience in competition regulation. This programme increases the employability of graduates in the market. The Commission provides trainees with a reasonable allowance on a monthly basis for the duration of the training period.

Furthermore, trainees are equipped with skills such as project management, computer literacy, report writing, time management and investigation skills. Although the Commission cannot guarantee trainees permanent positions, most of them have exited the programme into full time positions.

The Commission admits an average of 24 trainees into the programme on a yearly basis. Qualified candidates can apply throughout the year for any current graduate opportunities. Graduates may also apply annually in advance for the next years official intake (see timelines)

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