Thursday, 22 November 2018

BMW SA Graduate Opportunity 2019

BMW SA has a graduate opportunity for 2019. The position is based in Midrand. The associate is responsible for the research, evaluation,proposal, design, co-ordination and implementation of specific approved Projects within BMW SA to achieve process efficiencies and cost reductions in a sustainable manner. 

The associate is anFR-5 appointed champion on ICS, and is therefore responsible for supporting the business in implementing strong process controls.

  • Research, evaluate and enhance the organization'sbusiness and financial processes
  • Design new and improve old business and financialprocesses.
  • Counsel with Finance, Business and IT Operationsfunctions to identify potential process, skill-set inefficiencies or obsoleteprocesses/technologies.
  • Perform Process mapping
  • Evaluate complex manufacturingprocesses
  • Compile Return on Investment calculations.
  • Evaluate project feasibility
  • Establishing clear inter-departmental communicationchannels.
  • Utilize expert knowledge of engineering concepts,practices, and procedures.
  • Formulate solutions utilizing lateral thinking
  • ata gathering,and quatification of financial/business proposals
  • Evaluateavailable technology and resources in order to develop achievable processimprovement goals. Presents complex process improvement recommendations andgoals to management for approval.
  • Establishinternal and external benchmark on various topics
  • Identify andevaluation financial risks, and potential risk mitigation strategies.
  • Design,document and update processes and controls.
  • ICS reporting(e.g. risks, effectiveness) for CFO/ management (and internal auditors ifnecessary) to BMW AG
  • Monitorfunctionality of the newly implemented processes.
  • Preparetraining material for newly implemented processes.
  • Execute ITPM methodology.
  • Engineering degree and honours. Specialism Industrial engineering
  • Work experience, Leadership experience
  • Must be a sound performer that excels, ability to lead and project manage managers senior to their own role.
  • Strong academics, resilient personality. 
  • Ability to multitask, innovative thinker,
  • Additional skills: special skills /technical ability etc.

Location: Midrand 

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