Friday, 16 November 2018

CIPLA Commercial Sales Graduate Opportunity 2019

Cipla is a leading global pharmaceutical company, dedicated to high-quality, branded and generic medicines. We are trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies. Over the last 8 decades, we have strengthened our leadership in the pharmaceutical industry and fortified our promise of ‘Caring for Life’.

Join our mission to continuing being a leading pharmaceutical company that cares and apply to our Young Managers Programme.

This programme aims to build future leaders and bring out the best in talented individuals with a targeted-development approach by setting the foundation for the development of critical skills required for success.


The Commercial team aims to drive revenue and increase sales in line with sales strategies that are aligned with the organisations vision - caring for life. We also develop and work towards sales goals that contribute to the revenue and sustainability of Cipla through tangible short, medium and long-term targets.

In order to guide key sales initiatives, we analyse markets thoroughly by integrating product and marketing research to gain insight into new product development, our existing product base, market preparation, competitor positions, industry conditions, product life – cycles, resource management and micro/ macro financial conditions.

With accurate marketing and sales forecasting, we can plan effective sales campaigns based on relevant data to reach our consumers, by implementing a targeted approach and optimising our reach in key markets. We ensure that we are well trained with in-depth knowledge of our products to sell confidently to customers and interact with healthcare professionals.

By cultivating relationships with healthcare providers and demonstrating products based on customer's specific needs, we can recommend our medications as a trusted brand able to cater to the needs of all and continue building our customer base.

We are looking for a graduate that have completed their studies in the following disciplines:

  • Degree, Honours or Masters in Biology / Biochemistry / Chemistry / Human Movement Science / Marketing / Biomedical Science
  • A valid driver’s license is required.

An exceptional academic record in:

  • Overall aggregate
  • Core subjects 

Beyond your qualification you will be required to demonstrate: 

  • Leadership Attitude (engaged, self-motivated)
  • Ability (capability, skills)
  • Ambition (aspirations)
  • Engagement (Interactions outside of immediate teams)
  • Learning Agility (being learning agile-ability to adapt)
  • Ability to be creative and problem solve

Relevant Work Experience

Must have less than 1 years working experience


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