Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Roche Diagnostics Graduate Opportunity 2019

Roche Diagnostics in Midrand is seeking a Business Development Trainee. We are specifically looking for a recently qualified Masters graduate in the field of Epidemiology, Health Sociology or a related field. The duration of the programme would be 2 years, starting in February 2019.

The role would involve researching the field of health and analysing data on various health policies and health trends in the Sub Sahara African region. The role would also involve gaining experience relating  to the whole Business Development function at Roche Diagnostics.

  • Hold a Masters (NQF level 9 and upwards) degree in Epidemiology, Health Sociology  or a related field 
  • Be hungry to learn about all aspects of Business Development research from the basics upwards. 
Note that the successful candidate would need to be willing to travel internationally in the event that they are asked to do a rotation in another country as part of the Traineeship programme.


Who we are
Roche has played a pioneering role in healthcare as an innovator of products and services for the early detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The company has operated in South Africa since 1947.The local office of Roche Diagnostics is based in Midrand, Johannesburg and it has offices throughout Southern Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. We employ over 180 employees in our Diagnostics division.

Roche is an equal opportunity employer.

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